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CCTV, AKA closed-circuit television, is an independent security system which uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited number of monitors. You may need a system which operates continuously, or one that switches on when you need to monitor a particular event or timeframe. The most advanced systems record what they see via digital video recorders, and some are triggered by motion sensors. The latest innovations in CCTV involve DVRs and decentralised IP-based cameras with megapixel sensors, which cleverly support direct recording to network-attached storage devices, or even internal flash devices for 100% stand-alone security. Whatever you need, we’re on hand to supply and fit it.
Home CCTV systems – Tirelessly on guard 24/7 on your behalf
You can’t be on guard 24/7. But CCTV can. Home security camera systems protect what matters to you most without the expense of burglar alarm maintenance. Like a regular alarm, it can act as a powerful visible deterrent to potential intruders. And the state-of-the-art technology used in today’s security camera systems means you can even integrate CCTV cameras with your smartphone, TV, home computer or tablet. If you’d like to find out which equipment best suits your needs, we’ll be glad to help.
Business CCTV systems –Making business work better
CCTV acts as an electronic witness to help prove guilt or innocence. It helps keep people safe, protects premises and their contents, reduces crime and can help manage a business, for example noting the arrival time of deliveries. We are familiar with a broad range of top quality CCTV Systems and cameras for commercial use, everything from complete two camera systems for small premises to four and eight camera systems and more, plus cutting edge DVR solutions. Our prices are hard to beat. Our after sales service is excellent. And we really do know our CCTV system stuff. Use us as your CCTV security partner and we’ll make sure your system performs in exactly the way you want it to.
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